5G/4G/3G Modem Routers

Best performing 5G, 4G LTE & 4GX VPN WiFi Modem Routers in Australia

Get the fastest and most resilient industrial router on the Australian market. The Comset 5G/4G/4GX WiFi modem routers are built in a compact, rugged and solid metal casing. Designed for wireless use in harsh climates in remote locations, our 4G, 4GX and 5G modem routers come with a dual SIM card slot that allows you to use two SIM cards from two different 4G/5G internet service providers. The Comset 5G/4G/4GX routers are industrial grade and have an embedded modem module inside. With both Ethernet and wireless (WiFi) connectivity, as well as the added VPN security, the Comset 5G and 4G LTE VPN routers provide a solution for every application.

Do I need a 3G, 4G LTE or a 5G WiFi router?

The rapid evolution of wireless mobile communication has experienced an exponential growth over the last 30 years, from 1G to 4G LTE, 4GX and 5G today. With the rapid emergence of data hungry applications, a fast and reliable wireless 4G or 5G modem router with SIM card slot can provide you with a stable and lightning-fast internet connection, so you can enjoy a seamless browsing experience. What are the benefits of 4G LTE, 4GX and 5G over their predecessors’ technologies?

  • 1. Faster download speeds:

    While 4G networks can deliver fast data rates with speeds of up to 150Mbps using LTE Cat 4 devices, and up to 300Mbps using LTE Cat 6 devices, 5G networks can deliver lightning fast data rates of up to 8Gbps providing one of the best online experience. That is why upgrading to a 5G Gigabit Ethernet Router is paramount to achieve these lightning-fast speeds, via a secure VPN connection over the 4G/5G VPN network.

  • 2. Faster upload speeds:

    The latest 4G LTE networks can deliver upload speeds of up to 50Mbps, nearly 20 times higher than those of 3G technologies. 5G networks can deliver upload speeds of up to 900Mbps, giving you some of the best online experiences. To take advantage of these super-fast speeds, a 4G or 5G capable Wi-Fi modem router with Gigabit ethernet ports is needed.

  • 3. Faster response times:

    One major benefit of 4G and 5G Ethernet routers is faster response times, or lower latency. Currently, the response time on a 3G connection is approximately 100ms (milliseconds). This is now reduced to approximately 20ms on a 4G LTE connection and 10ms on a 5G connection.

  • 4. Better coverage:

    4G, 4GX and 5G wireless technologies offer a far better coverage, allowing a better signal penetration inside buildings for a better indoor reception. The band B28 (700MHz) low-frequency radio bandwidth, also known as Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G Plus, as well as the B5 (850MHz) low-frequency radio bandwidth known as Vodafone 4G+, can reach much longer distances than high-frequency bands and are better at penetrating solid obstacles like buildings. Low frequencies allow you to achieve one of the best coverage especially in rural areas, giving you much better indoor WiFi receptions. This can be enhanced by the use of an external antenna especially in marginal areas. Enjoy reliable coverage and high internet speeds with our 5G and 4G modem routers with SIM card slots.

Should i get a VPN capable 5G and 4G LTE router?

If you are using a wireless router with SIM card slot, it is highly recommended, for online security and peace of mind, to have the router with VPN capabilities. This can help protect the devices connected to the router by ensuring all information is transmitted over an encrypted tunnel, eliminating the chance of your data being compromised as you access the internet.

How to choose the best 4G, 4GX and 5G Ethernet modem router with built-in Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access Point

Comset 4G LTE, 4GX and 5G VPN routers are some the best performing wireless routers on the M2M market today. Provided with a SIM slot (standard size SIM), our range of 4G and 5G Ethernet routers are suitable for a range of industrial applications and are compatible with all Australian networks. With high temperature rating and low power consumption, our range of 3G, 4G, 4GX and 5G modems are the perfect choice.

When selecting 4G LTE, 4GX or 5G routers, check that they are compatible with the 4G LTE, 4GX or 5G frequencies of your chosen carrier. Here is a list of carriers in Australia and the 4G LTE and 5G frequency bands supported.

4G LTE Modem Routers

Carrier f (MHz) Band CM685V-4 CM685V-6 CM820Q-4 CM820Q-6 CM510Q-W
Telstra (4GX) 700 28 O O O O O
Telstra 4G 1800 3 O O O O O
Telstra 4G 2100 1 O O O O O
Telstra 4G 2600 7 O O O O O
Optus (4G Plus) 700 28 O O O O O
Optus 4G 900 8 O O O O O
Optus 4G 1800 3 O O O O O
Optus 4G 2300 40 O O O O O
Optus 4G 2600 7 O O O O O
Vodafone (4G+) 850 5 O O O O O
Vodafone 4G 900 8 O O O O O
Vodafone 4G 1800 3 O O O O O
Vodafone 4G 2100 1 O O O O O
TPG 4G 700 28 O O O O O
TPG 4G 2600 7 O O O O O
NBN Co 2300 40 O O O O O

5G Modem Routers

Carrier f (MHz) Band CM685VX CM950W CM550W CM550W-POE CM580W
Telstra 5G 850 n5 O O O O O
Telstra 5G 3500 n78 O O O O O
Optus 5G 2300 n40 O O O O O
Optus 5G 3500 n78 O O O O O
Vodafone 5G 700 n28 O O O O O
Vodafone 5G 3500 n78 O O O O



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