4G SIM Router (CM820Q-4)

  • 3G + 4G + 4GX Modem Router w 4 Ethernet Ports and WiFi
  • OpenWrt Fully Featured Linux OS
  • OpenVPN Server and Client
  • Band B28 700 MHz (Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G Plus)
  • LTE Advanced CAT4 with 150Mbps Download Speeds
  • Automatic failover between ADSL/NBN and 4G LTE 
  • Supports Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU networks


The Comset CM820Q-4 is a 4G/4GX LTE CAT 4 industrial router with WiFi and VPN capabilities. Built on the OpenWrt Linux operating system, the CM820Q-4 represents a cutting-edge solution that caters to the demanding connectivity requirements of industrial settings. This advanced device seamlessly integrates the high-speed capabilities of 4G cellular networks with WiFi functionality and VPN (Virtual Private Network) security, resulting in a versatile and reliable communication platform for various industries.

At its core, the CM820Q-4 4G industrial router leverages the power of 4G LTE networks to provide robust and consistent connectivity, even in remote or challenging environments where traditional wired connections might be impractical. With support for high data transfer rates, these routers enable real-time data transmission, remote monitoring, and control of industrial equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

Moreover, the built-in WiFi feature of the router extends its connectivity benefits by creating a local wireless network within the industrial facility. This enables wireless communication between devices, allowing workers to access critical data and applications via their smartphones, tablets, or laptops without the need for additional external networks. The WiFi functionality fosters a more flexible and mobile work environment, promoting productivity and collaboration across the workforce.

Security is a paramount concern in industrial applications, which is where the VPN capability of the router comes into play. The integrated VPN technology establishes secure encrypted tunnels over public networks, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected from unauthorised access or cyber threats. This is particularly crucial in industries where data privacy and compliance are top priorities, such as manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. By creating a secure connection between remote locations and central management systems, the Comset CM820Q-4 4G industrial router with WiFi and VPN safeguards the integrity of data transmissions and bolsters the overall network security posture.

In essence, the Comset CM820Q-4 combines high-speed connectivity, local wireless networking, and robust security features to create a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique demands of industrial environments. Its integration of these technologies enhances operational efficiency, enables real-time monitoring, and fortifies data protection, making it an indispensable tool for modern industrial applications.

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Basic Features

  • Supports multi-band 4G, 4GX, DC-HSPA+, HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS
  • SMA Standard antenna (4 magnetic base antennas included)
  • Optimized EMC design
  • Always on-line: On-line detection and automatic redial
  • Wide range power input (5-40VDC)
  • Can be powered via PoE 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Smart power management
  • Reliable, flexible, easy to use
  • User friendly set-up wizard for easy configuration and setup
  • Network traffic real-time graphs
  • Network Diagnostic Tools (Ping, Traceroute and NSLookup)
  • RS-232 interface transparent communication (DTU modem function)
  • 4 Ethernet LAN RJ45 ports & 1 Ethernet WAN RJ45 port
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n

Enhanced Features

  • Real-time clock
  • VPN Server/Client (Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec), and VPN pass-through
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • Supports DHCP Relay
  • Supports NAT and DMZ host
  • Supports DNS proxy and Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • Supports Static routing table
  • Supports packet filtering
  • Built-in multi-routing backup (Ethernet and dialup network)
  • System and network monitoring
  • WAN interface traffic statistics
  • Supports multiple protocol conversion
  • Transparent data transmission (DTU feature)
  • WEB/Telnet/console management interface
  • Supports radio network data envelope counting
  • Self-diagnostic and alarm output
  • Local/remote profiles backup and retrieve
  • Local/remote firmware upgrade via the web
  • Remote web management
  • Urgent event alarm via SMS
  • Firewall, packet filtering
  • Supports data centre communication
  • Supports NTP
  • Supports LED status indication
  • Supports VLAN ID tagging
  • Supports LCP, ICMP check
• Compatible Mobile Networks
o 4G/ 4GX
• Cellular Frequency
  • B1 (2100)
  • B2 (1900)
  • B3 (1800)
  • B4 (1700)
  • B5 (850)
  • B7 (2600)
  • B8 (900)
  • B28 (700)
o 4G LTE TDD band B40 2300Mhz
o UMTS/ HSPA/ HSUPA/ HSPA/ HSPA+/ DC-HSPA+ 850/ 900/ 1700/ 1900/ 2100Mhz
• Bandwidth
 Downlink 150Mbps
 Uplink 50Mbps
 Downlink 21/42Mbps
 Uplink 5.76Mbps
 Downlink 14.4Mbps
 Uplink 5.76Mbps
 Downlink 7.2Mbps
 Uplink 5.76Mbps
 Downlink 7.2Mbps
 Uplink 384 Kbps
• 802.11b/g/n; 300Mbps
• SMS call to control router to be online, offline, reboot, status info, alarm, WiFi on, WiFi off
• ID tagging Supported
Fail Over Redundancy (network backup feature)
• Auto-dial feature, keep alive link
Cellular (3G/4G), RJ45 WAN (xDSL, DHCP, Fixed IP), WiFi client
• DTU feature, serial RS232 to Cellular Gateway
• OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, PPTP
• Server and Client supported
Firmware upgrade
• Supported locally and remotely
Protocol support
• TCP, UDP, SMTP, POP, ICMP, FTP, PPP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS, DNS, SNMP, WPS, DMZ, Syslog (local and remote), NAT, xDSL, NTP, QoS, SNMP, Dynamic routing (OSPF, OSPF6, RIP, RIPng, BGP), support firmware update locally and remotely
• Supports 64/128 bits WEP, 802.1x, WPA and WPA2
• Supports WDS
• TKIP, AES encryption
• Supports WPA1/2- 802.1x
• Supports access with username and password
• Supports access control base WAN/LAN interface
• Supports access control base source IP address
• Defence DOS attack, supports SYN flooding, IP surfing, ping of death, fragile, teardrop, land
• Supports PAP and CHAP
• Supports IP filtering
Advanced Firewall Features
• Network Address Translation (NAT)
• Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
• VPN Pass-through
Media Access Control
• CSMA/CA with ACK
• Radius Client
• 4 x 10/100M LAN port (RJ45 interface)
• 1 x 10/100M LAN/WAN port (RJ45 interface)
• 2 x antennas for WiFi (detachable SMA interface x 2)
• 2 x antennas for Cellular (detachable SMA interface x 2, cellular supports diversity receiving MIMO)
• SYS*1
• VPN*1
• CELL*1
• WAN*1
• LAN*4
• WiFi*1
Serial port
• RS232 DB9 port
AT command
• Supported
UIM/SIM Card Slot
• Supports 1.8/3V UIM/SIM cards, one sim card slot standard mini size
Power Source
• Three types of power input
o 2.5mm DC jack
o Terminal block  (5VDC~40VDC)
o Power via PoE 12VDC or 24VDC
Power supply
• DC5V-40V, typical 12V 1.5A, 12V car use supported
Power consumption
• Current
o Idle 122mA@12VDC
o Max 208mA@12VDC
o Average 167mA@12VDC
• Power
o Idle 1.2W@12VDC
o Max 2.5W@12VDC
o Average 2W@12VDC
Device Management
• WEB interface (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or other Java-enabled browsers)
Minimum System Requirements
• Mobile Internet Access Subscription
• Computer with Windows, Mac or Linux
Operating Temperature
• Storage -40°C to 85°C
• Working -30°C to 75°C
• 95% Maximum (non-condensing)
168mm x 104mm x 25mm
• 455g (not including antennas)
• 550g (including antennas)
• 850g (including all accessories)
• 1 Year
Regulatory Compliance
• RCM, CE, RoHS 
Package Contents
• CM820Q Router
• CAT5 Ethernet Cable
• Serial Cable
• Power Adapter
• 4 x Antennas

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