Comset SMS APP

Comset SMS allows you to remotely control and monitor your Comset 4G or 5G router as well as devices behind the router.

Comset SMS is an App designed for users wanting to control their Comset 4G or 5G router including rebooting the router, turning WiFi on and off, turning 4G or 5G internet on and off and getting status information from the router such as cell status, signal strength, WAN IP address, LAN IP address and network type. By simply pressing on a control button, the App sends a SMS to the 4G/5G router to perform the required task.

Comset SMS allows you to remotely control and monitor Electrical devices connected to the DIO board behind the Comset 4G or 5G router. With the press of a button, you can control remote devices such as a gate, a pump or an Air conditioner.


For the SMS App to work correctly, the SMS function must be enabled on your router.

Comset SMS is compatible with the CM685V-1, CM685V-4, CM685V-6 and the CM770W-6-G 3G/4G/4GX Routers, as well as the CM685VX and CM950W 5G Routers. The App is available for Android devices. To purchase and download the App, please contact us on 03 9001 9720.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Control a router via SMS
  • Send a command with the press of a button
  • Get status information
  • Rename DIO control buttons

How to control the Comset CM685V router via SMS using the Comset SMS App

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