As the owner and operator of a computer consultancy to business we have learned over time that reliable Internet is an essential component of their success. Our clients have relied on a range of M2M and router options using network operators’ in 3G and now 4G technologies. When we transitioned to Comset products, performance improved and particularly reliability compared to other devices that had to be regularly re-started during use as they ‘went off the network at peak times’. Our customers’ are also very impressed with the physical size and flexibility of Comset Router devices; Where a work site can be provided wired or particularly secure Wireless communications within one product. Comset Routers are also providing remarkable range of access; Our own office using an external antenna (fitted to a communications tower) has 4G // LTE at 15MBps downlink and 2MBps uplink all day, every day, over a 37KM non line of site link. I never thought 4G would be possible at our remote office, but it is with Comset products.