Remote Management Software

  • Device status monitoring
  • Device warning
  • Device remote control
  • Remote reboot
  • Configuration check
  • Remote upgrade
  • User authority management

The Comset NMS Software helps to manage, monitor and control a large number of remote routers deployed in the field, all from the one platform, making it easy to configure, upgrade and check the status of your M2M routers. This platform supports many features such as status monitoring, remote reboot, configuration check, remote upgrade and user authority management.

The Comset NMS Software can support up to tens of thousands of remotely deployed routers. It is ideal for mission critical applications. By remotely monitoring and checking the status of your routers, you will have peace of mind knowing your routers are always online without the need for expensive site visits.

The M2M-001 Platform is suitable for the CM210Q-W and CM510Q-W 3G/4G/GX Routers.

The M2M-002 Platform is suitable for the CM685V-1, CM685V-4, CM685V-6, CM820V-4 and CM770W-6 3G/4G/4GX Routers, as well as the CM685VX and CM950W 5G Routers.