Hi Comset, just thought it worth mentioning that the installation of the 4 separate antennae into the CM950W 5G capable router worked well. The antennas were mounted within the fibreglass flybridge brow on an 82 ft motor yacht.  At the Point Piper Marina on the boat, we were just slightly outside the published 5G coverage area in Sydney Harbour but had good results with the 4G service. Thanks for providing the 5G capable router. The 4 MiMo system works well.

Trevor, Sydney, NSW


I just installed a Comset CM770 dual sim router for a client about 10 Kilometers out of Moura. The results were amazing. 126 Mbps download and 55 Mbps upload. This has made a huge improvement to the way my clients office operates. All thanks to Comset.

Ian, Rockhampton, QLD

Just got the new .211 firmware for the CM685V which has a new SMS command which allows a forced failover switch from WAN to cellular and back again. This allows remote configuration on cellular via http. Not a feature I have seen on other cellular routers. Along with the existing failover and data limitation SMS alerts, this is a great feature, which saves a lot of time travelling to manually re-configure at remote sites. Saves on unexpected cellular data bills if your WAN drops out, and you are not aware you are using cellular data on failover. We asked for this feature to be added to the firmware and they sorted it within a week. Great customer service. Many thanks Tony & Ben

Chris, Wellington, New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the CM820V. We are using it for trail running events to post live results. Our last event was in an area with unreliable 3G reception and was conducted over 2 days. The modem never missed a beat. There was very little configuring required, plugged it in and it worked. Thank you.

Robyn, Perth, WA

Great service! and this is why I will continue to use the Comset products.... Awesome!

Shane, Bulleen, VIC

Thanks again for your terrific products and after sales support. The SMS relay board and vandal proof antennas are working and look great. Many thanks, and I look forward to the next time I can use Comset products in the future.

Michael, Sydney, NSW

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to deal with you guys.  Always quick responses to email and fast turnaround time. I just spoke to Hannah on the phone and she is lovely too. Always fantastic customer service!

Jonquil, Cairnlea, VIC

Just thought you might like some feedback from a customer of mine. He is currently on his boat at Lady Musgrave island off the Qld coast and has just emailed me he has reception and is working well. This is well past Telstra coverage maps show for 4GX coverage and is actually over the horizon a little, so very impressive. Cheers!

Justin, Brisbane, QLD

As a long term user of Telstra’s Connect IP and Wireless Gateway platform which currently only supports Cisco 1841 with 3G HWIC cards, the Comset CM685 product has provided a whole new world of opportunities.  The first 4G Industrial modem to hit the Australian market has exceeded my expectations with its incredible throughput and connectivity configuration options is backed up with responsive online support. Whilst I have only configured the CM685T device in our required configuration, I am looking forward to testing the other connectivity options available to us. Well done Comset….

Rohan, Melbourne, VIC

SUCCESS!  Thanks both for the help on this, I was started to rethink whether I could actually do it at all in the time I had available.  I'll let you know how the device performs on site. There are several projects on the books that may need remote connectivity, I'll definitely keep you guys in mind for these.  Thanks again

Philip, Balwyn, VIC

Currently I am trialling the CM820 at one client's work site.  They are impressed with the improvement in throughput in LTE // xDSL and it could lead to another sale of a router.

Neville, Sydney, NSW

Great product.   I did some field tests from the substation location of a wind farm under construction site last week.  Fantastic results.  http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/772532497

We used an external high gain yagi antenna pointed vaguely in the Wonthaggi direction (4G coverage) which was about 50klms away.  I have so far used standard internet APN: Telstra.internet and our Telstra MPLS APN: Telstra.corp with radius authentication.  All with great results.  We are considering installing 2 in fail over mode, pointing at different towers.

Rohan, Melbourne, VIC

I have been playing with the Comset modem and I am very impressed. It does everything I need and more. Having wifi built in and being able to switch the WAN port to be a second Ethernet port is very powerful.

We are planning to use this modem in a newer model of system going forward.

Matt, Brisbane, QLD

I have tested this morning and the VPN seems to be working ok! Thank-you very much for your excellent support!

Rob, Adelaide, SA

As the owner and operator of a computer consultancy to business we have learned over time that reliable Internet is an essential component of their success.  Our clients have relied on a range of M2M and router options using network operators' in 3G and now 4G technologies.  When we transitioned to Comset products, performance improved and particularly reliability compared to other devices that had to be regularly re-started during use as they 'went off the network at peak times'.  Our customers' are also very impressed with the physical size and flexibility of Comset Router devices; Where a work site can be provided wired or particularly secure Wireless communications within one product.  Comset Routers are also providing remarkable range of access; Our own office using an external antenna (fitted to a communications tower) has 4G // LTE at 15MBps downlink and 2MBps uplink all day, every day, over a 37KM non line of site link.  I never thought 4G would be possible at our remote office, but it is with Comset products.

Neville, Hargraves, NSW

Great product.  Fantastic results.  Download speeds of 63Mbps: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3652094620

Graham, Melbourne, VIC

The first Comset modem deployed on one of our vessels is working very well. These units are outperforming the “award winning” competitor’s product in both reliability and performance.  The 2 units we used from your competitor are garbage.  We’ve seen very high failure rates from inception of both and have actively been removing these from our Vessels. They have generated more calls than a Telstra nation-wide outage.  The Comset modems are so far proving to be a quality unit. They have the robustness needed on our vessels, performance, packed full of options and most importantly are stable. We have deployed one in the field and I’m looking forward to deploying more soon.

Josh, Perth, WA

Our customers were in need of a robust, dynamic cellular data product that could meet the demands of business in limited reception and remote locations – the Comset family of products have exceeded our expectations for performance and reliability

Christian, Maroochydore, QLD

Thats greatly appreciated, it looks like the real deal so fingers crossed.  So far we are really happy with these modems and Ive been really impressed by your assistance and help too.  Thankyou very much once again.
Richard, Sydney, NSW

Interesting results with Vodafone... That was with a cell strength of 22 (4 bars)... The Upload Speed of almost 47Mbps is pretty impressive.

Geoff, Mitchelton, QLD

Know this Tony... your product is rock solid and I recommend this to everyone that asks.

Joel, NSW

Thanks Tony, Just got it working – great product mate you guys should be proud!

Steven, Circular Quay, NSW

Because I am moving into rental accommodation whilst our new home is being built, I needed a solution that would enable me to connect my ‘home’ network (which is mainly wired) to the mobile broadband network for the period we will renting, and until the NBN is connected to our new home.

I am hoping our home will be complete by mid year, but from talking to the NBN people, it appears that the NBN will not be available until the end of the year, as we are building in a ‘greenfield’ estate. I didn’t want to go to the effort of connecting to ADSL while renting, so mobile broadband is the answer.

I have been looking round for a while and was not able to find anything suitable to my needs until I came across the 4G capable Comset CM685T-W (Comset’s Website). It is quite a compact unit 110 x 55 x 20 mm but very capable. It runs Linux as the base software, with specific software on top to make it a very good specs. I would have preferred to buy the non wifi version, but that model was not available when I wanted to get going, so for $ 20.00 more I bought the wifi version. It comes with two antennas for the mobile broadband, and one antenna for wifi, plus a CAT5 LAN cable, an RS232 cable (more on that later), and a 12 Volt plug pack.

Getting the basic setup done is very simple, there is even a good video on youtube showing how to do it as well as an excellent 117 page manual for reference. I missed one step my first time through, and had to think a little until I got it right (Don’t blame me just coz I was in a rush). Once I had the mobile broadband going, I connected the CM685 to my current ADSL router, and configured that port up also.

As part of the configuration the router has settings that enable automatic failover should your chosen WAN port fail. I have set my CM685T have the wired WAN port as my primary port, and the mobile broadband as the backup. Once setup and working via the wired WAN, I pulled out the plug WAN cable and waited. After waiting 7 or 8 minutes and changeover hadn’t occurred, I looked at how I had set up the changeover, and realised that the changeover would take 30 minutes, as I had set the times somewhat longer than necessary. Once I had updated the settings, the mobile broadband channel came up and all was working. I plugged the WAN cable back in, and as expected, the active channel swapped back to the wired WAN after a short delay.

There are lots of other functions available, more than I can go over here, however a couple of available options are:- VPN you are able to setup a VPN session using PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP and everyone on your network, which can be very handy at times. The other option allows you to connect an RS232 device to the CM685T. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, but I am sure it will be pressed into service once our new home is ready. The RS232 cable does not plug directly into the CM685T directly, you need to wire up a DB9 connector with Tx, Rx and ground which you screw into the terminals at the back.

Overall I think it is a great unit, it has plenty of built in options, and is easy to set up. It is a bit exey when compared to the normal domestic routers, but it is aimed at the industrial market. On the other side, it is a lot lower cost than a Cisco router with 4G capability. I would give it 5/5.

David @ Maccas-Place, Ballarat, VIC

Hi Chris, I understand now and I cannot recommend anything more highly than the Comset routers we use on our vessels.  Warning: They aren’t cheap ($650-700) but they are unbelievably reliable (set and forget every single one we have) and the speeds are nothing I’ve seen outside of a hotel in Japan – 40+Mbps down and that much up given you have a 4G enabled card. When it can’t find 4G it will use the 3G network which is fantastic in Sydney as in QLD. It also has only one LAN port but with an inbuilt DHCP server can accommodate a switch with as many PCs as needed.  I suggest you get one, trial it and if you have any problems call me or call Comset and we will be able to help over the phone but seriously these things are bulletproof with a huge range of functions, you will not be disappointed.  Hope that helps, Steven.

Steven, Sydney, NSW

My new router CM820V-W arrived today. I must say this unit is more innovative than I thought it would be. Whatever you guys are doing it is right. This is the most End-User-friendly component I think I have ever set up! I have a few finer points I will attempt to set up like specific naming for the network device and router but that will be in good time. I will definitely recommend your products to colleagues unreservedly. Thanks again for your time and assistance on Monday.

Peter, Blackwater, QLD

I have been doing contract work with a Large scale construction company for the last two years who utilise your products exclusively. I have never before seen such a robust reliable unit. Hence my wanting to purchase one for my own business. Some of the conditions and locations we have had these things working in were the worst you could ever imagine for electronic components. I have not seen one fail. Well done!

Peter, Tannum Sands, QLD

Having upgraded our vessels from the Comset CM820-W (3G/4G) to the newer CM210 (dual sim card 3G/4G/4GX) variant coupled to dual 3G/4G/4GX outdoor marine grade antennas, the cellular data throughput of the CM210 is stable, reliable and very FAST! The dual sim option has given the vessels options when sailing into International waters also. I’ve tested the CM210 modems off Fremantle, Dampier, Singapore, Batam, Dubai and can say they simply work. Well done Comset for an outstanding upgrade to an already solid product. 

Josh, Karratha, WA

And thanks again to Comset for being very helpful through this process, I’ll be recommending you guys to all my clients. 

Tayfun, Melbourne, VIC

Being in customer service for quite a while, I’m EXTREMELY picky about who I deal with. I’ve got to tell you, I’m VERY impressed with the level of support from Comset. Thanks again for your great Service. 

Geoff, Charlestown, NSW

In fact we have solved our problems.  We are now enjoying 21st century internet. Your device has performed excellently since installation.

Shane, Daylesford, VIC

I just want to say a big thank you to Comset. Not only did you get your product to site very quick, the CM820V-W modem/router has been very simple to use.

I’m really happy that it is user friendly with a very easy interface. I didn’t need the manual to start figuring out the factory defaults (IP address, user name/password for webpage login) which saves time.

I liked the way you responded to my question by physically opening up a box and by turning it on.

Overall this router is great, it offers over 10 DDNS websites and multiple user accounts. I was able to achieve everything that I needed it for (VPN setup / DDNS).

Thank you very much! I will be recommending you in the future.

Scott, Melbourne, VIC

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