Hi Chris, I understand now and I cannot recommend anything more highly than the Comset routers we use on our vessels. Warning: They aren’t cheap ($650-700) but they are unbelievably reliable (set and forget every single one we have) and the speeds are nothing I’ve seen outside of a hotel in Japan – 40+Mbps down and that much up given you have a 4G enabled card. When it can’t find 4G it will use the 3G network which is fantastic in Sydney as in QLD. It also has only one LAN port but with an inbuilt DHCP server can accommodate a switch with as many PCs as needed. I suggest you get one, trial it and if you have any problems call me or call Comset and we will be able to help over the phone but seriously these things are bulletproof with a huge range of functions, you will not be disappointed. Hope that helps, Steven.